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Baffe Bottarga made in Sardegna

A Sardinian delicacy of cured fish roe. Sometimes called the caviar of the South, bottarga is the roe pouch of grey mullet. It is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets, then dried and cured in sea salt for a few weeks. Bottarga is often served with lemon juice as an appetizer or used in pasta dishes.

Bottarga di Cefalo- Grattugiata (grated)

Bottarga di Cefalo - Grattugiata (grated)

  • 40gr/1.41oz - QTY: 1
  • 50gr/1.76oz - QTY: 1
  • 70gr/2.47oz - QTY: 1
  • 100gr/3.53oz - QTY: 1
A Sardinian delicacy of cured fish roe. Sometimes called the caviar of the South, bottarga is the roe pouch of grey mullet. It is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets, then dried and cured in sea salt for a few weeks. Bottarga Grattugiata is often sprinkled over carpaccio and pasta dishes.


Crema di Melanzane

Crema di Melanzane

  • 3.18oz - QTY: 1
Roasted eggplant spread. Often served on crostini or over pasta as a sauce. The flavor is very concentrated. The cream is made with roasted eggplant, extra virgin olive oil, peppers, oregano, salt, and vinegar.

Crema di Carciofo

  • 90g/3.18oz - QTY: 1
Artichoke spread can be enjoyed as a main ingredient for tasty crostini to spice up your aperitif, or with pasta for a quick, light and healthy first course.

Crema di Asparagi

Crema di Asparagi

  • 90g/3.18oz - QTY: 1
This delicious asparagus spread is made from wild asparagus, extra virgin olive oil, salt and natural flavorings. Crema di Carciofo makes a fabulous crostini or aperitif. It can also be used over pasta for a light first course.

Crema di Limone Piccante

Crema di Limone Piccante
  • 125gr/4.41oz - QTY: 1
100% organic, spicy lemon cream, made from selected lemons from South Sardinia. This dressing is made with lemon, olive oil, garlic, paprika, and natural flavors. This crema is ideal for use raw on salad greens or rice. It may also be served as an aperitif with a white meat, fish, or aged cheese.

Miele di Corbezzolo

  • 250gr/8.821oz - QTY: 1
The strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) is the main source of the prized, bitter honey.  The Sardinian region is the number one producer of this honey due to the vast growth of the plant. The nectar of this shrub is collected by bees in the winter season (October-January). It is best served with mild cheeses or stirred into coffee.


Fregola Sarda Grossa

  • $6 ‐500g/1.10 lb - QTY:1
Small, irregular spheres of pasta made of durum wheat semolina and water. A rustic form with a characteristic flavor that after natural drying and roasting, take on a golden color, Ideal with red meats and seafood.

Malloreddus Tradizionali

  • 500g/1.10lb - QTY: 1
The malloreddus, also known as Sardinian gnocchi, are the most classic Sardinian pasta. They have the form of long shells with stripes and are made of semolina flour and water. They are eaten with various sauces, but traditionally with a Sardinian sauce made of fried sausage slow-cooked in a tomato sauce and finished off with a few strands of saffron.

Malloreddus 4 Sapori

  • 500g/1.10lb - QTY: 1
This version of malloreddus is made from a variety of semolina durum wheat flour, tomato, spinach, and saffron. Often served with a light tomato sauce and pecorino cheese.

Malloreddus allo Zafferano

  • 500g/1.10lb - QTY: 1
Made of semolina durum wheat flour and saffron, this is the most traditional form of malloreddus. Often served with salsiccia (Italian sausage), a light tomato sauce, or a sprinkle of pecorino cheese.

Pane Fressa or Pane Carasau

  • 900g/1.98lb - QTY: 1
pane-fressa Pane carasau is a traditional flatbread from Sardinia. It is thin and crisp, usually in the form of a disk half a meter wide. It is made by separating a piece of baked flat bread into two sheets and baking the sheets again.  It is often served, like a cracker, alongside cheese and cured meets, or as an aperitif toasted with olive oil and rosemary.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Frantoio Oleario Fratelli Serra
  • 0.25 liter - QTY: 1
  • 0.50 liter - QTY: 1
  • 0.50 liter - Amphora - QTY: 1
  • 0.75 liter - QTY: 1
Our olive oils are grown, harvested, milled and bottled exclusively in Sardinia. Olive oil is the darling of dieticians the world over. The health benefits of olive oil, as well as the rich flavor make it a great addition to almost any dish or aperitif.


Torroncini di Tonara alla mandorle - nocciole - mandorle e mirto

Torroncini di Tonara alla mandorle - nocciole - mandorle e mirto
  • Average 200kg/7.06oz - QTY: 1
This sweet nougat made of honey,  eggwhite and nuts originated in a place called Barbagia, in the very heart of Sardinia, where the ingredients – walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds – grow in abundance.


Colline di Mandas semistagionato

  • Average 2.8kg/5.95lb - QTY: 1
This classic pecorino is made from an old shepherd's recipe of ewe’s milk, semi-cooked and semi-ripened for twenty days to six months. When fresh, the cheese is soft and compact, pale yellow  in color with a sweet aroma. When mature, it is pleasantly spicy.

Colline di Mandas stagionato

  • Average 2.5kg/5.51lb - QTY: 1
This is the oldest type of pecorino cheese from the Garau Dairy where it has been produced in the same fashion since 1880. Letting the cheese mature for over six months gives it a strong flavor and a slightly spicy undertone.

Piccolo Giunco

  • Average 0.8kg- 1.7kg/3.53lb - QTY: 1
When slightly aged, this selection has a sweeter taste whereas the mature version has a strong character. The small size of this cheese makes it an ideal and flavoral souvenir option from Sardinia.

Granduca di mandas stagionato

  • Average 8kg/17.64lb - QTY: 1
This ripened percorino is made from the original recipe, aged for 8 to 12 months, and is exclusively available at the Garau Dairy. It has a strong flavor with aromas of dried fruit and spices. It is an excellent table cheese known for its hard texture and flaky consistency.

Su Zinnibiri

  • Average 4.5kg/ 9.92lb - QTY: 1
Available only from the Garau Dairy, this fresh pecorino has characteristic holes, similar in texture to traditional Swiss varieties. The flavors of this delicacy are fruity with hints of fresh herbs. When young, the cheese is sweet but after again for more than 8 months, the flavor becomes more intense.

Giunco Stagionato/Giunco Pepato

  • Average 4.5kg/9.92lb - QTY: 1
Ripened pecorino cheese, has a variable consistency with stages between 6 to 24 months. The taste is pleasantly strong and spicy. Average weight 4.5 kg. The form shows permanent marks from the traditional rattan basket in which it is made. Available with or without peppercorns.


Sale Marino

  • 1kg/ 2.2lb - QTY: 1 - Grande
  • 1kg/ 2.2lb - QTY: 1 - Medio
  • 1kg/ 2.2lb - QTY: 1 - Fine
This Sardinian sea salt is 100% pure and natural. Produced in the historic and famous salt pans in the Sardinian province of Cagliari, this salt is ideal for flavoring meat, fish etc. Our sea salt is high quality, manually prepared, and subjected to quality controls at every stage of processing.

Art. 001 Grosso Kg 1/ Coarse Lb 2,2
Art. 002 Fino Kg 1/ Fine Lb 2,2

Art. 010 Kg 1/ Lb 2,20

Art. 012 - 226 g / 8 OZ

Art. 019 100 g / 3,53 OZ

Art. 020 100 g / 3,53 OZ

Art. 026 - 454 g / 16 OZ