Buon Gusto was born because I needed to share my land, the land where I come from, with my wife and our children. I wanted, also, to give some of myself to this beautiful Country. The USA, has given so much to me in the time I have spent here (family, friends and possibilities).


I always miss Sardegna, I miss her very much. Buon Gusto allows me to bring a little bit of Sardegna here with me. It allows me to let my family to be apart of what is me. Through Buon Gusto, I am able to share the unique products of my land.

When I arrived in the USA in 2005, I was amazed at how much American people love Italy. When they realized I was Italian, I was liked immediately! But, most, did not know what Sardegna is or where it was. That’s why Buon Gusto was born. I was sure Americans would be amazed to discover this secret (for them) part of Italy. Especially after I learned of the many efforts Michelle Obama was putting into healthy food and the Mediterranean diet.

I say to my clients, take a map, put your pen in the middle of Mediterranean sea, that’s Sardegna! The only diet we have, is the Mediterranean one. Basic ingredients: olive oil, sea salt, and of course, a glass of wine! That’s what’s the Mediterranean diet. Of course the diet needs to be followed with a right life style. And that is what I want to bring in the USA, a little knowledge of Sardinian products and the life-style of this beautiful Island, where the people have one of the highest life expectations in the world.


We are working hard to organize trips to Sardegna for Americans people. We want our customers to experience our food and wines, the incredible sea, the beautiful mountains, hills, and the characteristic hospitality of the Sardinian peoples.

The isolation of Sardinia’s mountain villages has helped preserve a traditional Sardinian way of life in which family comes first, food is locally grown, and physical activity is a part of each day—all elements that promote longevity….and all elements that I wish and Buon Gusto wishes to share in and participate in, here in the USA.